The Solar Wind Harp is a data driven audiovisual performance system artwork. It collects solar wind data in real-time, sonifying and visualizing the electromagnetic pulse of the Sun before that pulse reaches Earth.
Derived from the next generation of early warning systems commissioned by the US science agencies NASA and NOAA - the DSCOVR Solar Wind Harp is part performance instrument, part time machine, and a critical investigation into the phenomenological synapse that separates all scientific inquiry from experiential authenticity.

An Aeolian Harp (or wind harp) is a musical instrument that is "played" by the wind. This instrumental artwork is an Aeolian Harp that is played by the solar wind.
In the artwork, the "strings" of the harp are digitally synthesized using physical modeling techniques, and the "wind" is real-time solar wind data streamed from orbiting satellites with data collection equipment on board.
The result is a poetic interpretation of the invisible force of the Sun, constantly shifting, yet always enveloping us. The work also foregrounds the process of interpretation that is always at the center of any attempt at data visualization and sonification. The audiovisual artwork is performed solo, as part of an ensemble, or as a stand-alone installation.